What would be possible in this world if each of us were able to hear every word other people used for their spiritual connection with the energy of love? What’s in a name: God, the universe, mother earth, Jesus, All That Is, Mother Mary, Krishna, Buddha, and the list goes on and on. But the love that imbues each of these words remains the same.

Peace Symbols Around the WordWe all have our own preferences, our beliefs, and our own way of connecting with this Source of wisdom, but how can one of these names be better than another? At their core they are each words for love, aren’t they?

As rational people we would probably say one name couldn’t be better than another, and yet when we think that someone else is trying to push their beliefs on us it becomes a whole different ballgame. Over the centuries the different ways people say that they connect with spiritual energy has caused wars, prejudice, strife, and all manner of conflicts. Regardless of the rhetoric surrounding any of these conflicts, at their core they mostly arise from the fear of having our beliefs controlled by others, or to put it another way, the fear of being out of control of our own beliefs because they seem to be threatened by the beliefs of others.

But guess what; you can never be controlled, or out of control when you’re in touch with your own highest Source of INNER knowing. This seems to me to be the real problem – not the words we use to name the Divine Source – but that we remain disconnected from our deepest truth and keep looking outside of ourselves for guidance, and turn instead to those self-proclaimed sources of truth who may or may not have the wisdom we need. I have come to understand that relying on these external resources without having developed a trusted internal Source is what leads to all the arguing and disagreements with what we hear “out there.” To avoid this, all we truly need to do is to look within.

When I began to go inward and touch that Source of all-knowing wisdom, which lives within each of us, I began my journey home to the true source freedom.

So I ask you, are you tired of all the conflict and stress you see around you? Are you ready to experience a more satisfying and abundant world? Are you ready to come together in acceptance and peace instead defensiveness and fear? If so, you must come to accept the fact that we are all different and use different names for the source of our internal wisdom.

So next time you hear the word God, try to hear it the same way others hear the words Divine Life Force. Or when you hear the name Krishna remember that its energy is same as the word Love. Practice seeing someone in an orange robe and a shaved head in the same way you might look at a picture of Mother Mary. Or the other way around for any of these examples.

Because when you get to the bottom of it, there is no difference in energy between any of these words, or representations of divinity. At their core they all have the same meaning – they are all different expressions of the same essence – they are our attempt to put words and images to the nameless and unknowable source of all things.

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