Do you have more potential than you think you’re using?

What is spirituality as it pertains to potential

Have you ever thought; “I have so much more potential than I am using?” If so, you’re not alone. I did too, and often. For years, I knew in my heart, that there was more to life than I was experiencing. I was always trying to do more, give more, and be better. I thought this would bring some kind of satisfaction or true meaning to my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I really had a great life, but I was still striving for something that seemed to be missing. I felt that I had some potential inside that I wasn’t quite living up to. When most of us think of our “potential,” what comes to mind first is what we are “capable” of. This limited perspective of potential leads only to action oriented “doing.”

When you learn to tap into your TRUE potential, you begin to see a world of more light and love than you have ever imagined. Your TRUE potential stretches far beyond what you can physically “do.” When you learn to combine this “being” aspect of potential with action oriented potential; magic happens. What potential magic is waiting inside you?

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