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I hear from so many people that they want to feel happier, but when I ask what prevents them from being happy, they start talking about all the situations in their lives. Work sucks, it’s hard to pay my bills, my car broke down, my fiancée cheated on me, a water pipe broke in my kitchen, and the list goes on and on. How about you? Do you think all the less-than-comfortable situations in your life are preventing you from being happy?

When I started looking at this for myself, I noticed that when I turned my attention to these kinds of situations they seemed all-encompassing; like there was nothing else happening in my life. When this happens, it makes sense that these situations seem to prevent happiness, but the truth is each situation is only a tiny part of your very full and expansive life. The situations in your life are not your LIFE. Happiness is always possible; no matter what the situation. Over the last few months, I’ve had plenty of practice distinguishing this at a deeper live. My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer several months ago.

This practice of differentiating between a situation and the entirety of my life has been ongoing. It would be easy for me to keep my attention focused entirely on this situation. However, if I did, we would miss out on all the beautiful things that are happening at the very same time. Luckily we’ve chosen to use the situation as an opportunity for growth and learning. And what I’ve re-learned is that happiness is never very far away. Happiness is always available.

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