I Have a Special One Time Offer for You

The Platinum Package is for you if…



      • You love the personal touch.
      • You want to get the most out of the book and the bonus course.
      • You want more individual attention and the ability to ask me your most important questions.
      • You are absolutely ready to connect and trust your internal guidance.

Here is what you’ll get for Just $175.00:fantasy-bookoflight

I Will Sign and Personalize Your Copy of Interviewed by God ($97 Value)

  • You will receive a set of clarifying questions to help determine the life energies you most want to experience.
  • Once I receive your answers I will infuse these energies into your copy of interviewed by God.
  • This infusion of energy will help enhance your reading experience.


You’ll Also get:

An “Art of Listening – How to Set Your Spirit Free”  Call with Me ($497 Value)

During our call, I’ll work with you to identify:

  • EXACTLY where you are now. (Because you can’t get where you want to go unless you know where you are.)
  • Where you want to be in one year from now.
  • The vision of your business and your life if it was going exactly the way you wanted it to.
  • And the single most important step you can take right now to help create that vision.



As an Extra Bonus You’ll Also Receive:Interviewed by God

Because my mission is to get this material into the hands of 1 million people, you’ll also receive – absolutely FREE – an extra copy of Interviewed by God. I believe as more of us reconnect and follow our inner guidance this world will change for the better. Please help me with this mission by giving your extra copy of Interviewed by God to someone you think is ready for it.


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This is a Limited Time offer.

So if You’re Ready to Let Your Spirit Soar, This Platinum Package is for You.

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