Have you been searching for a spiritual solution to your problems?

Are you doing all the “right stuff” – meditating, watching your thoughts, trying to be loving, etc. – but when something difficult happens you feel just as crappy as ever? If so, you are not alone… most of what we believe about spirituality is a myth.

It’s Time to Debunk the Spirituality Myth!

Because something important is beginning to happen …

Spirituality isn’t about being “spiritual enough”. Your life doesn’t magically change if you wear the right clothes, meditate long enough, buy the perfect candles, or look deeply into people’s eyes. Spirituality isn’t about never getting angry, and always being loving and compassionate. Spirituality isn’t about being immune to material desires.


Don’t get me wrong, I love me some nice candles. Yoga, and meditating are part of my life, plus I think I’m a pretty compassionate person. But these things alone didn’t change my world.  Changing your world is totally an inside job.

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What people are really looking for – but most of us just don’t know it – is to re-connect with ourselves – our internal source of guidance and wisdom.

IT REALLY IS POSSIBLE to look inside yourself and find all the answers you will ever need. IT REALLY IS POSSIBLE for you to feel confident about your decisions, let go of regret and have what YOU really want. IT REALLY IS POSSIBLE to relax and stop judging and defending yourself.
Throughout your life you’ve had glimpses of this kind of grace. Remember your first kiss? How good did you feel,… excited, enthralled, full of possibility? What about when you sit quietly and watch a sunset, hear a baby giggle or stand in the woods and breathe in the fresh air? How do you feel?

These moments are like breadcrumbs that can lead you to what you’re really searching for. But I get it,  it’s hard to stay on the path when we’re so distracted by the rambling of the mind and the rumbling of the outside world.

The good news is…

You don’t have to go it alone! Inside you there is something you have forgotten – you’ve forgotten how to connect with your inner guidance system. Unlike a GPS this system will never steer you wrong. You ask and it answers. This eternal wisdom is your birthright. The good news is that it’s easy to start remembering how to reconnect with it when you know where to look.

Spirituality at Its Core
That’s why I wrote this book – to help people who are feeling discouraged, or hopeless about ever really getting to the peace and happiness they’re looking for. I wrote this book to help people remember what they may have forgotten. It’s important to me that everyone remembers how to reconnect with their inner guidance.  It’s so important, that for a limited time, when you buy “Interviewed by God”, you will receive – free of charge – instant access to a powerful training course.  It’s called Inside-Out Truth – How to Access and Maintain Personal Ongoing Daily Connection to Your Inner Guidance , ($497 Value) If you act now, you won’t have to wait for the book to arrive to reconnect to that part of you that you’ve been searching for.



In This Course You Will Discover How to:


  • Free yourself from negative thoughts and destructive judgments
  • Clear the stagnant energy that keeps you upset and in pain
  • Establish a direct and ongoing connection to your internal guidance system
  • Get concrete and practical answers to all your most important life questions
  • Feel at home and at peace regardless of your life circumstances

When you change how the spiritual game is played and learn to fully access your internal guidance system  – you will live as embodied spirit – and experience what people mean by true heaven on earth.

But I Must Warn You. This game is not for the faint of heart…

What’s shocking is that finding this level of peace and satisfaction with life is SO disruptive! If you choose to play this way it’s going to upset so much of what you thought was true, and  it’ll be awesome. You’re going to let go of so much you thought mattered, and  it’ll be awesome. But at first it’s going to be uncomfortable, because the truth is, change can feel uncomfortable. So choose: Are you ready to take a leap – are you ready to find what you’ve always been searching for or do you want to continue playing with the old rules? Stick with what’s familiar and stay comfortable? Please know that I’m not saying that one of these choices is better than the other, but it’s time to choose. If you know in your heart that you’re ready to play a new game, don’t wait till you change your mind – it’s a squirreling little thing – buy this book right now and start today.

Buy “Interviewed by God” today and get started
reconnecting to that part of you you’ve been searching for!



This book will inspire you and help you to receive the guidance and knowledge that is just for you.

Terry Cole-Whittaker

Author, What You Think of Me is None of My Business

Interviewed by God is a tremendous work that walks the reader through the steps of transformation. An incredible journey and an experience of much more than words.

Jonathan Ellerby, PhD

Author, Return to the Sacred

Beth’s story helps us all to open to our greatest potential and move past our limitations. This book is deeply moving to read and transformative!

Sandra Ingerman

Author, Awakening to the Spirit World and Shamanic Journeying

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