Who’s the boss of you?

We learn very early on that being “right” is definitely better than being “wrong.”

We also learn that there are people “out there” that KNOW who is right and who is wrong and we better pay attention and learn to identify them as well. This is why the word “authority” and “authority figures” themselves can stimulate such intense feelings in us. Because of this, how we react to authority usually falls into one of three categories:

  1. Agreement
  2. Submission, or
  3. Rebellion.

Agreement is when we just automatically agree with a person in a position of authority.

Submission is when we submit to that person’s will, but often begrudgingly.

Rebellion is when we rebel against that person in authority and often feel frustration and anger.

When we become conscious, we realize there’s an alternative: a fourth, and in my option, the most satisfying option. This fourth option is to get connected with and respond from our own internal authority. When we are disconnected from our internal authority, a request for compliance can feel like handcuffs that imprison our spirit and hold us captive. If you are the one being asked to obey and you haven’t yet connected with your internal guidance, there can be a desire to reject, rebel or disconnect from the authority that is asking for this compliance.

But is being told what to do or being asked for something the problem?

No. It’s not.

Once you recognize your own highest authority, you are able to respond from the deepest truth within your own being. This kind of response can be one of the most profound gifts we can give ourselves. When we become aware of this fundamental truth — that we are always at choice and no one can every really make us do anything — we are FREE. Free to be, and free to live the fullest expression of ourselves.

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