Do you ever feel imprisoned by the people or situations in your life?

If so, you may want to look at this in a whole new way. What if the people and situations are not what restrict our freedom? What if the torture we feel when we’re living someone else’s truth is what keeps us imprisoned? If this resonates, don’t worry, you are not alone.

From a very young age we adopt cultural truths as our own and are trained well not to question them. We live believing in all the “should”, “musts,” and “have-tos” we’ve learned growing up. We believe these truths will make us good little boys and girls, but deep inside there’s a rumbling of internal truth fighting to be known. As we listen more closely to this rumbling we notice the internal civil war that’s been waging below the surface of our consciousness. This war can only be won and freedom had by connecting to the heart of our being. When we do, a powerful creative expression begins to flow through us and open us to the reality of who we really are. Wholeness, compassion, and truth is the essence of our being. Then, and only then are we truly free.

Allow yourself time to experience inward journeys of soul connection and light showers. When we go within we never go without. To explore this idea and others like it please visit me at

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