Have You Been Looking for A Spiritual Solution to Your Problems?

Are you doing all the “right stuff” – meditating, watching your thoughts, trying to be loving, etc. – but when something difficult happens you feel just as crappy as ever? If so, you are not alone… most of what we believe about spirituality is a myth.

True spirituality isn’t about being “spiritual enough”. Your life doesn’t magically change if you wear the right clothes, meditate long enough, buy the perfect candles, or look deeply into people’s eyes. Spirituality isn’t about never getting angry, and always being loving and compassionate. Spirituality isn’t about being immune to material desires.

What people are really looking for – but most of us just don’t know it – is to re-connect with ourselves – our internal source of guidance and wisdom.

And You’re Closer Then You Might Think.


When You Buy This Book You Will Discover How to:

  • Free yourself from negative thoughts and destructive judgments
  • Clear the stagnant energy that keeps you upset and in pain
  • Establish a direct and ongoing connection to your internal guidance system
  • Get concrete and practical answers to all your most important life questions
  • Feel at home and at peace regardless of your life circumstances

When you learn to fully access your internal guidance system  – your life will begin to flow – and what might have seemed like miracles in the past will now be your daily experience.


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It’s important to me that evefree-gift3ryone remembers how to reconnect with their inner guidance. For a limited time when you buy “Interviewed by God” (for $17.95), you will receive – free of charge – instant access to a powerful training course.

The Ultimate Inner Guidance Roadmap – How to Shift Your Intuition to Overdrive and Enjoy the Ride ($297 Value). When you buy the book you won’t have to wait for it to arrive to reconnect to that part of you that you’ve been searching for. You can get started immediately.

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Interviewed by God is a tremendous work that walks the reader through the steps of transformation. An incredible journey and an experience of much more than words.

Jonathan Ellerby, PhD

Author, Return to the Sacred

Spiritual, but Not Religious



This book will inspire you and help you to receive the guidance and knowledge that is just for you.

Terry Cole-Whittaker

Author, What You Think of Me is None of My Business

Beth’s story helps us all to open to our greatest potential and move past our limitations. This book is deeply moving to read and transformative!

Sandra Ingerman

Author, Awakening to the Spirit World and Shamanic Journeying

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