Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Path to her Soul’s Purpose

“You are an artist seeking an image.”  This is what Barbara Marx Hubbard’s future husband told her when they met.  She was seeking something, but couldn’t articulate or even identify what it was.  She knew there was a ‘more’ out there, but what and where was it? That elusive ‘more’ she was seeking? It was her soul’s purpose. When I had the opportunity to interview her, she discussed her long journey and how she came to live a life that let her soul overflow and spill into her LIFE.

The video below is an excerpt from my interview.  She has had so many amazing life experiences, and rattles them off in such a casual way, the mind almost rushes past the gravity of it.  She joined the church, she went to Brynn Mawr, she met Eisenhower and spent her junior year studying abroad.  BUT, this isn’t her story.  She was still seeking how to write her story.

As we go through life, how many of us feel like the life we are living is NOT our story either?  We can be living a life full of rich experiences, but still feel like there is something missing.  This is because what you are doing is living a life of the mind…not the soul.  The soul is meant to guide you, but we allow our mind and thoughts to take that role.

When we aren’t living with our soul, we end up feeling like an artist seeking an image.  Like something is trapped inside us that we need to express.  In my book, Interviewed by God, I share my own journey to finding my soul’s purpose.  You know what is at the end of that journey?  A life that is more fulfilling, peaceful and connected to all and everything.

As you listen to the excerpt below, let Barbara’s words soak into your consciousness.  Let them expand inside of you and fill the spaces they are meant to.



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