Conversation with New Age Movement Expert, Michael Dowd


In my book, Interviewed by God, I talk about the fact I was not the greatest student when I was a kid. Tests almost always induced an anxiety bordering on panic. Learning new lessons was a struggle for me. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized that *learning* is beautiful. Learning is different than studying, it is different from being a student. I now love learning. But, learning can still be a struggle. Not because of my dyslexia or my long-gone feelings of confusion and loneliness; but because so much of learning requires Unlearning.

In this excerpt from my interview with Michael Dowd, an author and speaker at the forefront of the New Age Movement, he discusses how we need to let go of judgement and fear and guilt in order to get aligned with the universe. There are so many things that cause fear. Things that, when we look outside our cultural conditioning, we don’t need to be afraid of. For example, I was always terrified of reading out loud. My dyslexia made it so difficult to ‘perform’ well when asked to stand up in front of the room and read from a textbook. But, that ‘fear’ was really just a product of the wrong idea that everybody’s mind is meant to perform and process information the same way.

You often hear in the New Age Movement that our conditioning starts from when we are born and continues throughout our life; and we agree! We are conditioned to fear many things. Michael Dowd says in this interview we need to embrace even death. Yet, for most of us, wow, that is the biggest fear. My husband Neill and I work with people from all over the world who want to lead a richer, more satisfying life.

The first thing that we coach them to do is to unlearn most of what they’ve learned. We teach them that how to let go of all the things that Michael mentions in this interview…fear, judgement and a perception of a ‘right’ reality.
When you let go of your ‘idea’ of reality, and really look, with your heart and with your conscious mind, at what your REAL reality is, that is when you can embrace All That Is.


Interview excerpt from Awaken Into Action


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