A Conversation with Gangaji

The spiritual teacher and author, Gangaji holds that the truth of who you are is already free and at peace. I had an opportunity to interview her and we got a chance to really explore this idea. It sounds great… we all want the ability to know ourselves. The problem lies not in the lack of wanting, but in the lack of knowing how we can achieve it. With the multi-tasking, hectic, fast-paced life we live, self-discovery seems almost like an indulgence or just plain inaccessible. Many of us think to truly “find ourselves” we’d have to go backpacking in Europe for six months or take a year off of life to travel to India and study with a guru.

The truth is, finding ourselves and knowing ourselves is accessible. It is achievable. It is also beautiful, freeing, and something that will change the way you live in this world. This knowing, this idea of self-discovery, it is inside of you, right now. It has been silenced by our conditioning, our circumstances and our distractions. The good news is you can learn to both hear and listen to your authentic self.

“Your internal senses are your true guides. They are the ones that will always lead you where you want to go.”
That is a quote from my book, Interviewed by God. In the book, I talk about how I was able to ‘indulge’ myself by revealing the me that I was meant to be. The me who was buried under the roles I placed on myself and that were unintentionally placed upon me. I found the person that I was meant to be by learning to let go of an expectation of what life is supposed to look like. It is what I would want for all of you, because once you reacquaint yourself with that place of presence in, there is an exquisite peacefulness that will always be available to you.

The excerpt below from my interview with Gangaji talks about the freedom and joy that is waiting for you. Waiting inside of you to be revealed. When you listen to the excerpt close your eyes and feel into the words more than you think about them. This little shift in the way you experience the words you hear may give you a little taste of what I’m talking about.



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