The truth is, I guess it’s ALL about my spiritual journey…


I do a lot of interviews where the topic is supposed to be about my spiritual journey, but I’m often asked some strange questions. Strange because I wonder why anyone would care? But they ask and I answer. Over the last few years I’ve come up with a couple of answers to that question – who would care.

But I’d like to hear from you. Do you enjoy knowing things about me that have little to do with my spiritual journey? Here are the answers to some of those questions. If you do enjoy reading them please let me know why in the comments field.



Here you go…

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring (excluding family, laptop, or writing utensils)?

A: I’m a pragmatist and I like being comfortable as often as I can, so I would bring, an all-weather tent, one of those really cushy camping cots and a really good multi-tool. And I think I’ll go watch a video on how to make fire without matches and go practice now. 🙂

Q: We find out the world is going to end tomorrow. How do you live your last day?

A: Somehow helping as many people as I can be as comfortable as possible with death.

Q: If we were to make a movie of your life. Who would play the part of you?

A: Jennifer Connelly or Annette Bening

Q: Tell us 5 random things about yourself.


  1. I interviewed Maya Angelou.
  2. I have dyslexia and almost didn’t graduate high school.
  3. I designed and made jewelry for 20 years.
  4. I went to school for acting, but couldn’t handle all the audition rejections.
  5. I love talking to strangers.

Q:  What are the three places you have always wanted to visit but have not yet?


  1. Kathmandu
  2. The Egyptian pyramids
  3. Bhutan

Q:  Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

A: I see myself loving my life as much as I do now, living into each moment, taking time to feel and be and notice, and continuing to allow my curiosity and guidance to direct my path.

We live in an era of what many would consider over-sharing.  I think part of the reason that people like to ask these types of questions is because it helps them form a connection.  The most intimate thing we have is our own spirituality, but that sometimes seems like such a big place to start.  These little details are sometimes the baby-steps we use to take the leap to the higher level of a deeper connection.

Is there someone, maybe yourself,that you are longing to feel more connected to?  How many of these questions could you answer about them?

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