Bill Tiller Explores the Importance of Self-Knowledge

“We are still babes crawling across the floor of the universe.”  That is Bill Tiller’s metaphor to describe where most of us are when it comes to self-knowledge. I LOVE this.  First of all, we can relax and give ourselves a break. What if we were as patient with ourselves as we are with a baby? This perspective could bring a huge sigh of relief right? A baby has a LOT of room for growth, and so do we.

In the video clip below, Bill talks about how, as a society, we put so much value on facts, on education, on learning about stuff.  Where is the value in knowing ourselves?  Why is it more important to be an academic than a fully conscious and self-aware person?  It isn’t!!!! The fact is, the real challenge is to learn how to evolve, to stop crawling across the floor of the universe and learn to stand up and start walking. The challenge is in taking that leap from devoting ourselves to the quest for knowledge, because our society teaches us that knowledge is power, and open ourselves to the fact that real POWER comes from knowing who you are, or who you COULD be.

There are moments that I talk about in my book, Interviewed by God, where I ask myself, ‘what if?’  What if I don’t rush in to rescue my special needs son when he struggles?  What if I allow myself to leave an unsatisfying marriage?  What if I run out of money and can’t take care of my family?  These questions asked from a new more expanded perspective led me to a real learning. Not the kind of learning that puts a diploma on the wall, but a learning that helps me grow in ways that I had been reaching for my entire life.

As you watch the short clip below, think about the ways your own limited perspective might be holding you back – what is keeping you at a crawl when you could be starting to walk?


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