How will you experience happiness today?

No matter what is happening in your life happiness is always available. When you get present to the moment happiness is never far away. As you turn your attention to watch the sunset and see the colors you can breathe in happiness. As the twirling swirling blues and reds and oranges of a sunset run through you, you can feel happiness. As you watch young children and hear their uncensored laughter and recognize the freedom and fun in their high-pitched giggles, happiness – if you let it – can surge through you. As you bite into a ripe peach and experience the flavor and aroma of velvety rich sweetness in your mouth, you can feel happiness.

Happiness can be our day-to-day experience. If we allow each moment to penetrate our awareness, to blend with us fully and to envelop us and its richness and essence, we can feel happy. So the next time a situation in your life seems all-encompassing and you wonder if he’ll ever be happy again, just remember that the situations in your life are never the entirety of your life. And then ask yourself, “How will I experience happiness today?”.

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