And Maybe It’s Time to Ditch the List

I am a list person. I am. I write lists for my chores, I write lists for my tasks, I write lists to keep track of my ideas. So, I like lists. But, when I look at my lists, I don’t look at them as ‘lists’. I look at them as a way to track my goals and my intentions.

The act of mindfulness focuses on a state of being, not a state of doing. When we are stuck thinking about what we need to ‘do’, like read a particular book because it’s on a list, it can keep us  “doing” instead of just  “being” who we are and letting ourselves be drawn to what there is to do next. When we can redefine these tasks as possibilities, we can stop focusing on what we need to get done and start opening ourselves up to potential outcomes we haven’t imagined yet.

In the spirit of replacing our lists with qualities of being and miraculous new possibilities, I am providing a list of my 10 favorite books, not in any particular order, and not for you to read just because I say they’re good books. Click on the links, look at the covers and just be present. You will, I promise be called to the book that is next for you to read. And who knows, it might not even be on my list.

My 10 Favorite Books

1. Finite and Infinite Games
2. Barn Dance
3. The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity
4. Blink 
5. Power VS. Force
6. The Third Millennium 
7. What Ever Happened to Penny Candy
8. The Art of Possibility
9. Where Ever You Go, There You Are
10. The Go Giver

finite and infinite games books about hope
Power vs Force Spirituality Book
the barn dance book about heaven
wherever you go there you are spirituality books
the four spiritual laws of prosperity
the go giver spirituality book
blink the power of thinking malcolm gladwell
art of possibility spirituality books

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